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The Cigar Tube - Aurora Wood is an emblem of sophistication for the cigar lover on the go. Finished in elegant silver and rich gold, this case is not only a safe haven for your cigar but also a style statement.

Measuring 18.3cm long and 3cm in diameter, it is specially sized for a cigar with a maximum diameter of 23mm, helping to preserve the distinctive moisture and aroma of a premium cigar. The harmony between the warmth of wood and the shine of the metal finishes adds a touch of luxury to this practical piece of jewelry.

Designed with a wooden base chosen for its solidity and natural aesthetic, each “Aurora Wood” is finely crafted to offer optimal protection and visual appeal. The combination of wood and precious metals is a celebration of craftsmanship and finesse, making each cigar carry an experience of grandeur.

Each Cigar Tuba - Aurora Wood is presented in a collectible box, reflecting the commitment to quality and excellence. This case is the perfect accessory for the cigar smoker who leaves nothing to chance, ensuring that each cigar is stored and presented with the utmost care.

  • Dimensions: 18.3 × 3 cm
  • Materials: Alloy and wood
  • Capacity: 1 cigar with a maximum diameter of 23 mm (ring 58)
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