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Cascade Shards Chandelier

Transform your space with the modern elegance of the “Éclats de Rhythm” Articulated LED Chandelier. Designed to be the focal point of any environment, this sophisticated fixture combines high-quality materials and cutting-edge LED technology to provide unique, adjustable lighting.

Each “arm” can be articulated independently of the others, thus allowing infinite customization of the chandelier with varied combinations.

Product Features :

  1. Quality materials :

    • Body : Iron, Acrylic, Aluminum
    • Color : Available in Modern Black and Pure White
  2. Multiple dimensions :

    • 10 heads : 48 cm (L) x 47 cm (W)
    • 20 heads : 97 cm (L) x 47 cm (W)
    • 30 heads : 145 cm (L) x 47 cm (W)
    • 40 heads : 200 cm (L) x 47 cm (W)
  3. Technical specifications :

    • Base type : LED
    • Voltage : AC 90-260V (suitable for all countries)
    • Dimmable : Equipped with a remote control to adjust brightness and color temperature
  4. Various applications :

    • Spaces : Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Lobby, Office, Living room, Dining room, etc.
  5. Special Features :

    • 300° Rotation : Each light strip can be freely adjusted between 0 and 300°, allowing maximum customization.
    • Painted lamp body : High temperature painting for refined texture and increased rust resistance.
    • Transparent acrylic lampshade : High transparency PMMA for fine and homogeneous light diffusion.
    • Easy Installation : Iron suction cup with strong suction force for effective prevention of corrosion and rust.

Design and Aesthetics:

The articulated waterfall design of this modern LED chandelier offers a unique and dynamic look that fits any interior design style. Ideal for large spaces, it adds a touch of contemporary elegance while providing ample and pleasant lighting.

Product advantages:

  • Contemporary aesthetic : A distinctive design that stands out in any type of interior.
  • Adaptable Lighting : The remote control makes it easy to adjust the brightness and color temperature to create the perfect ambiance.
  • Quality and Durability : Made with premium materials to ensure long life and reliable performance.

Suggested Applications:

  • Hotel : Create a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere for your guests.
  • Restaurant and Bar : Add a touch of sophistication to your dining spaces.
  • Office and Meeting Room : Illuminate your workspace with style and functionality.
  • Living and Dining Room : Perfect for modern living spaces where elegance and functionality are essential.

Transform your space today with the “Éclats de Rhythm", where innovation meets elegance.

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