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Discover the Matcha Tea Ceremony Set, a complete box designed for initiation into the matcha tea ceremony, an ancient and respected Japanese ritual. This box offers an authentic immersion in this ancient art of tea.

This complete pack contains all the essential utensils to prepare and enjoy matcha tea in the traditional way, respecting each step of the ritual.

Inside this box, you will find:

  • A Matcha tea bowl with a capacity of 550 ml, perfectly suited to the preparation of this delicate tea.
  • The Chasen bamboo whisk, specially designed for mixing and aerating matcha tea, thus obtaining a light and creamy foam.
  • The traditional bamboo scoop, ideal for precisely measuring the quantity of matcha tea powder needed for your preparation.
  • The Matcha cup, an essential piece for serving this green tea, offering an authentic and elegant experience.

This complete set is a must-have for matcha tea lovers, offering the opportunity to fully experience this ceremony rich in tradition and exquisite flavors.

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