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The “Hypnotic Hourglasses – Sand Sky” represent a subtle marriage between tradition and technology. These art objects, powered by a discreetly integrated battery, invite you on an uninterrupted visual journey where the sand colors each moment. These hourglasses paint time with an array of sandy colors vibrant with life.

Equipped with a 2400mAh battery, these hourglasses transcend their primary function to become luminous and animated sculptures, offering a battery life of approximately 2 hours on a single charge.

The 25 x 29 x 11.8 cm dimensions of these sculptural pieces make them a bold focal point for any space, providing a presence that is both calming and luxurious. Available with a crisp white base, each hourglass coordinates with your decor while providing a touch of contemporary elegance.

Available in two distinct sizes - the Compact version measuring 25 x 27.5 x 9cm and the Major version at 28 x 31 x 9cm - these hourglasses fit any space, large or small, without ever compromising their visual impact.

Choose from six captivating sand colors - the green of the ancient forest, the black of the mysterious night, the red of fiery passion, the purple of royalty, the blue of the deep ocean and now, the orange of dusk flamboyant. As the sand flows, it creates dunes and waves, patterns similar to those formed by winds on great deserts and distant beaches, inviting contemplation and relaxation.

Each “Sand Sky” hourglass is a conversation piece, an object that sparks interest and admiration, providing a continually changing spectacle and a reminder of the ceaseless dance of time. Adopt this jewel of time and light to enrich your daily life or offer an exceptional gift.

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