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This automatic watch winder, designed with meticulous attention to detail, provides a premium winding experience.

With a handcrafted piano paint case and elegant finish, this watch winder blends seamlessly into any luxury decor environment.

The lid sensor, the touch screen with its LED light and the fingerprint lock make use easy and secure.

This winder can wind up to 12/9/6/4/2 watches thanks to its independent Japanese Mabuchi rotors.

It is available in two interior finishes, black or red, to fit perfectly into your high-end interior decoration.

The watch slots are equipped with color changing LEDs for optimal lighting.

This watch winder can also be remote controlled for optimal control.

This watch winder has an adjustable watch holder that accommodates watches of different sizes, and its quiet motor ensures precise and fast winding.

With its intelligent functions, this winder offers an exclusive winding experience for an automatic watch worthy of the name.

This winder is available in two different models depending on the wood used for its construction: Mahogany or rosewood, further reinforcing its exclusivity.

You can store up to 12 automatic watches simultaneously depending on the model selected:

  • Dimensions 2 slots: 21.5 x 25 x 23 cm
  • Dimensions 4 slots: 21.5 x 25 x 33cm
  • Dimensions 6 slots: 21.5 x 25 x 43cm
  • Dimensions 9 slots: 21.5 x 35 x 43cm
  • Dimensions 12 slots: 21.5 x 35 x 53cm

Product Benefits:

  • Material: Rosewood or Mahogany (depending on model)
  • LCD touch screen
  • Japanese engine
  • remote control
  • Very quiet
  • Auto Rotate
  • Fingerprint lock
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