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The TrioWind box is much more than a simple automatic watch winder, it is an object of elegance and efficiency for demanding watch lovers.

This wooden box with refined finishes offers three locations arranged in a star pattern for your precious automatic watches but also a magnificent view of your watches, thanks to its transparent glass cover. It is designed to fit perfectly into your decor and become an object of art in its own right.

Made with care and attention to detail, the TrioWind Watch Winder is the ideal choice for keeping your automatic watches in perfect working order, while showcasing them elegantly. It is a valuable addition to any watch collection or a refined gift for watch lovers. Enjoy the perfect combination of aesthetics and performance for your favorite watches.

    Main Features :

    • Built-in LED lighting : Showcases your watches in an attention-grabbing way, creating an elegant ambiance and allowing you to admire your watches even in low light conditions.
    • Three locations arranged in a star pattern : Offers a magnificent view of your watches and optimal storage.
    • Elegant design : Walnut wood box with refined finishes and a transparent glass lid for a sophisticated look.

    Custom Rotation Settings (5 Modes):

    1. Rotate clockwise for 2 minutes, stop for 6 minutes, then repeat.
    2. Rotate counterclockwise for 2 minutes, stop for 6 minutes, then repeat.
    3. Clockwise rotation for 2 minutes, off for 6 minutes, counterclockwise rotation for 2 minutes, off for 6 minutes, then repeat.
    4. Rotate clockwise for 5 minutes, rotate counterclockwise for 5 minutes, pause for 3 hours, stop for 9 hours, then repeat.


    • Colors available : Black
    • Material : Wood (Walnut)
    • Dimensions : 19 x 21.5 x 15 cm

    Why choose the TrioWind Automatic Watch Winder?

    The TrioWind Automatic Watch Winder is designed to not only keep your watches on time, but also display them in style. It is an essential addition for any watch collection, offering both precise winding functionality and elegant presentation. Built-in LED lighting highlights your watches in a captivating way, making the TrioWind a perfect choice for watch enthusiasts looking to combine aesthetics and performance.

    Order now and add a touch of refinement to your automatic watch collection with the TrioWind watch winder.

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