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Give your automatic watch a top quality watch winder with this beautiful globe-shaped watch winder from the Orbitalis collection.

With its elegant design and high-end features, it is ideal for discerning watch enthusiasts.

Powered by USB, this watch winder features a quiet motor for quiet operation and use.

It is compatible with all automatic watches and its original design is perfect for an elegant desktop decoration.

Featuring a practical design, this watch winder has an efficient winding system to keep your automatic watch on time.

Working with a USB cable, you can easily use it anywhere and connect it to your computer, your AC adapter or any other USB compatible device.

It is the ideal choice for watch collectors, watch enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates precision and quality.

Size: 14 x 15cm

Materials: PHD

Switch operation instructions:
1. Press the button to start the machine after power on. Low-light indicator light enter mode 1: positive for 2 minutes, off for 8 minutes, reverse for 2 minutes, off for 8 minutes, cycle.

2. Keep pressing the button, the indicator light is strong, enter mode 2: spin forward for 10 minutes, reverse for 10 minutes, cycle for 2 hours, stop for 6 hours, cycle; Press the button repeatedly to switch between TWO modes.

3. In any mode, long press the button for 3s to turn off and the indicator is off

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