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Your basketball collection deserves to be presented in a unique medium. Why leave it gathering dust in a simple rack or shoebox? You have invested a lot of time and money to find your favorite pair. Make them even more extraordinary by making them float in the air.

The FlyingGrail magnetic levitation shoe display brings your sneaker collection to life. Bright LED lights illuminate every little detail on the sneaker while the stand uses an electromagnetic current to suspend it and a fan gently blows it to spin it.

The included magnet is easily inserted into the shoe and the mount is ready to use. Note that the rack can only hold weights from 300g to 600g and has a maximum length of 33CM and a width of 15cm. Ideal for placement on stable and flat surfaces.

Besides being equipped with a strong magnet and made of durable acrylic, this floating sneaker display stand also makes a great gift.

So don't let your shoes gather dust.

Give them the throne they deserve with the FlyingGrail Shoe Display.

The pack includes:

  • 1 x display: size 26 x 9.4 x 47 cm
  • 1x power cord
  • 1 x strong magnet
  • 3x ball
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