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Summer is fast approaching, but unfortunately that also means the arrival of the dreaded Tiger Mosquitoes. Don't worry, because we have the perfect solution for you: the CACTUS, your ultimate mosquito repellent ally!

It's not just a simple device, it's a perfect combination of elegant design and high technology. With the CACTUS, you can spend peaceful nights without being disturbed by mosquito bites, and as a bonus, it will be a real decorative asset in your interior.

Thanks to its LED spectrum set at 365 nm, the CACTUS attracts mosquitoes and other insects effectively. Once attracted, they are captured and removed by suction. No longer will you have to worry about mosquitoes buzzing around you or biting you while you sleep.

The CACTUS also provides soft, energy-efficient light, creating a soothing ambience in your space. You can enjoy pleasant lighting while protecting yourself from mosquitoes.

Thanks to its 360-degree Vortex-V250 suction technology, the CACTUS eliminates insects in a natural and safe way. They are captured and then dried and dehydrated, thus ensuring their complete elimination.

In addition to being an effective device for controlling mosquitoes, the CACTUS is also easy to use. Just plug it in, turn on the device and let it do its thing. So you can enjoy your summer evenings in peace, without having to worry about mosquitoes bothering you.

Don't let tiger mosquitoes ruin your summer. Protect yourself effectively with the CACTUS, an anti-mosquito device that combines design and high technology. Enjoy peaceful nights and complete peace of mind with this device that kills mosquitoes safely and effectively. Get ready to take full advantage of summer with the CACTUS!

Color white + green
Material ABS
Input interface Micro-USB
Power 1.5W
Contribution DC 5V - 0.3A
Features - Easy to use
- 360° air suction via VORTEX-250
- UV light - 365nm

- Removable mosquito box for easy cleaning
Size 120 x 120 x 15mm
Net weight 307g

The kit includes:

1 x Cactus Lamp
1x USB cable
1 x manual

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