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These pretty wicker baskets will bring a natural touch to your interior.

Used as a cache pot to dress your plants, they are also excellent storage baskets or simply to decorate!

They are available in 3 different sizes. Play with colors and sizes for a unique and original decoration.

Add a touch of naturalness and charm to your interior with these pretty, versatile wicker baskets. Whether as a cachepot for your plants, as storage baskets or simply as decorative elements, they will bring a warm atmosphere to your space.

These baskets are available in three different sizes, allowing you to play with colors and sizes to create a unique and original decoration. Whether you use them in the living room, study, bedroom or any other space, they easily adapt to your style.

Made of wicker, these baskets are both light and resistant. They offer a large storage capacity while adding an aesthetic touch to your interior. You can choose from natural, white, or black colorways, depending on your preference and the color scheme of your space.

Product Features :
- Material: wicker
- Colours: natural, white or black
- Dimensions : 32 cm, 27 cm or 22 cm
- Rooms : living room, office, bedroom....

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