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Optimize your workspace and say goodbye to tangled cables with this magnetic cable organizer set, the BASEUS Magnetic Cable Organizer. This nifty system will have you organizing, tidying up and cleaning up your desk in no time.

Not only does this magnetic storage set offer a convenient solution to avoid tangled cables, but it also brings a clean and tidy aesthetic to your workspace. It allows you to keep your cables close at hand while avoiding clutter and creating a more pleasant working environment.

Available in several attractive colors such as walnut wood, cherry wood or solid colors, this magnetic storage set will adapt perfectly to your work environment.

The pack includes a deck and three magnetic clips. The deck is designed to be placed on your desk and provides a magnetic surface on which you can attach the clips. The magnetic clips have strong attraction force and can easily hold multiple cables in place. You just need to place them on the deck and adjust them according to your needs.

  • Several colors available: walnut wood, cherry wood or solid colors!
  • The pack includes: 1 x deck and 3 x clips
  • Size: 8.5 x 1.3 x 0.6cm
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