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Discover this magnificent copper mug, perfectly suited to enjoy the famous American cocktail, the Moscow Mule. But why limit yourself to vodka when you have such a beautiful object?

Made of high quality copper, this mug offers both elegant aesthetics and remarkable functionality. The conductive properties of copper help keep drinks cool longer, making it the perfect choice for enjoying your favorite cocktail.

Whether you're a cocktail lover or just a design lover, this copper mug will be a perfect addition to your drinkware collection. Its vintage look and coppery shine will catch the eye and give a refined atmosphere to your bar or your table.

So let yourself be seduced by this copper mug and enjoy your drinks with style and elegance. Whether it's for the Moscow Mule or any other drink of your choice, this mug promises you an exceptional tasting experience.

  • Materials: Copper
  • Dimension :
    • 420ml: 8.2 x 9cm
    • 450ml: 8.6 x 10cm
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