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ClimaCool ARTIC is the perfect air cooler to protect you from the heatwave!

ClimaCool ARTIC, with its new compact and elegant design, is the best way to cool off at a low price!

ClimaCool ARTIC uses hydro-cooling technology, ensuring ease of use and optimal cooling :

  1. Pour a little water into the reservoir provided for this purpose
  2. Plug it in
  3. Turn it on with a simple gesture
  4. There you are, you are cool!!

OPERATION : Warm ambient air is redirected to the RX900 hydro -cooling filter, then automatically expelled in a stream of cool air.

->With CLIMACOOL ARTIC it’s up to 8 hours of continuous freshness !!

-> In addition, in its ARTIC version, the RX900 filter is easily cleanable thanks to these detachable absorbent portions

Equipped with a silent mode , the CLIMACOOL ARTIC air cooler will ensure cool and peaceful nights!

Design , the CLIMACOOL ARTIC offers the possibility of diffusing subdued ambient light according to your desires: 7 fixed ambient colors or a random mode


Refreshes the ambient air
Action radius of 10 m2
Autonomy of 6h to 8h
7 color modes
Quiet (Mode 1: <25 db, Mode 2: <40db, Mode 3: <60 db)

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