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Discover the Branching Bubble series by Atelier Atypical in a vertical version in its Vertigo edition.

The Branching Bubble series is inspired by the complex but interconnected shapes of nature and the industrial world of the 1920s.

The Vertical Industrial Articulated Ceiling Chandelier - Branching Bubble Vertigo is a statement piece that combines art and functionality. This unique lighting piece is inspired by the natural structure of a branch, transforming an ordinary space into a dazzling scene of light and shadow.

Composed of metallic structural elements coupled with hand-blown glass globes, our Branching Bubble series lighting collection is available in two metallic finishes (Black or Gold) and offers several glass type options.  

Customizable with four choices of shades, our glass globes are available in multiple finishes to suit all interiors and all ambiances. Transparent for a clear and brilliant light, Amber for a warm atmosphere, Gradient Smoke and Gradient Blue for a subtle and sophisticated touch of color.

Designed to fit a variety of spaces, available in eleven different configurations, this fixture can keep it simple with three globes, but it's designed to expand vertically and fit your space with up to 18 globes .

The width remains constant at 90 cm while the height varies from 100 cm for the 3 globe model up to 330 cm for the imposing 18 globe model, allowing this chandelier to adapt to ceilings of different heights.

Whether you are looking to beautify a living room, a dining room, a monumental staircase or an entrance hall, the Branching Bubble Vertigo Chandelier brings a luminous and artistic presence that is sure to impress.

Features :

  • Material: Metal, Glass
  • Base type: E27
  • Body colors: Gold or Black
  • Note: For larger models, delivery times may be extended. Models larger than 11 bubbles are made to measure (personalized product).

Glass color:


Dimensions: Depending on the model chosen - cf. painting.

Articulated industrial ceiling chandelier - Branching Bubble Vertigo
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