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The DREAM cloud-shaped pendant lamp is a real lighting gem for your interior. With its airy and light design, it will bring a touch of softness and poetry to your decoration.

Made from high quality materials, this cloud pendant light is lightweight and easy to install. It is equipped with an LED bulb which diffuses a warm and soft light, creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere in your room.

The cloud shape of this pendant lamp allows a soft and homogeneous diffusion of light, creating an atmosphere of reverie and comfort. Whether in a bedroom, a living room or a child's room, this cloud suspension will be the decorative element that will add a touch of magic and poetry to your interior.

Available in different sizes, this cloud pendant lamp is suitable for all spaces, from the smallest to the largest. It can also be used alone or in a group, to create an even more magical and ethereal effect in your interior.

Bring a touch of softness and reverie to your interior decoration with the cloud-shaped pendant lamp, and create a warm and poetic atmosphere in your home.

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Lighting area: 5-10 square meter
  • Light source: LED bulbs
  • Voltage: 220V
  • 3 sizes:
    • 300 x 300mm
    • 450 x 300mm
    • 650 x 500mm
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