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Reveal the bartender in you with the Cocktail Smoker Kit - Smoker, the revolutionary tool for those looking to intensify the taste experience of their favorite drinks. Whether you are a whiskey lover or an explorer of new flavors in your cocktails, this kit is designed to transport you to a new aromatic dimension with the authentic taste of natural wood.

This sumptuous kit includes:

  • an elegant smoker: available in beech or walnut wood
  • a stainless steel grill
  • a cleaning brush
  • as well as four varieties of wood chips with distinct aromas:
    • apple (20 g)
    • cherry (20g)
    • Oak (20g)
    • nut (20g)

It is the ideal companion for glasses up to 10 cm in diameter, guaranteeing you a perfect infusion of smoke, whatever the size of your glass.

Available in three options - the cosmic Saturn design, the elegant Eagle disc, or simply the wood chip refill for enthusiasts ready to continue their journey into aromatic tasting.

Made from noble walnut or beech wood, known for its robustness and rich grain, each smoker is an object of art in itself. Unlike the planetary silhouette of Saturn, the Aigle model has a discreet and classic shape that will blend perfectly with the aesthetic of your bar.

🍸 Cocktail Smoker Kit - Smoker : Including a smoker, rechargeable torch, stainless steel grill, cleaning brush and four wood chip flavors - apple, cherry, oak and walnut - this kit is the perfect infusing companion smoky richness in your drinks, whether you're at home or on the go.

🪐 Saturn and Eagle Design : Choose between the bold Saturn design which creates a captivating visual experience, or opt for the understated Eagle model, which offers the same brewing quality in a more traditional form. Each model is handcrafted by talented artisans, guaranteeing a unique piece for your collection.

🔥 Versatility : These smokers aren't just limited to cocktails - they can be used to add a smoky dimension to a multitude of foods and drinks, from cheese to cured meats, salt and more. Take your smoker for culinary experiences on picnics, fishing trips, barbecues and travel.

🎀 Easy to Use : Whether you are a beginner or an experienced mixologist, using the kit is intuitive. Place the smoker on your glass, add chips, light them and in a few seconds, a smoked drink with a complex bouquet develops before your eyes.

🎁 Ideal Gift : Offer the complete kit with the Saturne or Aigle smoker, or the wood chip refill, to surprise a loved one with an original and refined gift. Perfect for a birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion.

With these three options, the Cocktail Smoker Kit - Smoker is ready to meet all your smoking needs, combining functionality and aesthetics for an exceptional taste and visual experience.

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