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The COHIBA BEHIKE Humidor - Cigar Jar is an ideal choice for storing your cigars. This cigar jar, with a capacity of 20 to 25 cigars, is designed to provide optimal protection for your precious cigars.

Ceramic cigar jars enjoyed great popularity during the 1920s and were highly regarded by many cigar aficionados during the Roaring Twenties. COHIBA brought cigar jars back into fashion in the 90s with the "Millennium" PIRÀMIDES series, and now with the "BEHIKE" DARK series.

The dimension of this COHIBA BEHIKE cigar jar is 14 x 23 cm, which makes it compact and practical for storing your cigars.

The COHIBA BEHIKE cigar jar is designed to maintain proper humidity and a stable temperature, providing an optimal environment for storing your cigars. Be sure to close the jar tightly after each use to preserve the quality of your cigars.

With its elegant design and 1.9 kg weight, this COHIBA BEHIKE cigar jar is both a functional and aesthetic accessory for cigar lovers.

  • Dimensions : 14 x 23 cm
  • Weight : 1.9kg
  • Included : 1 x DARK jar

It comes in a COHIBA Collection box, which adds a touch of sophistication and makes it an ideal gift for cigar lovers.

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