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The EliteGuard Electronic Cigar Hygrometer is the ultimate accessory for cigar collectors and enthusiasts, ensuring precise control of humidity and temperature for perfect preservation. Elegant and functional, this device is designed to keep your cigars in optimal condition.

Main Features :

  • Digital LCD Display : Simultaneously displays temperature and humidity, allowing for quick and accurate readings.
  • Dual functionality : Integrates a hygrometer and a thermometer in one compact device.
  • Refined Design : Available in two luxurious finishes, gold and silver, to complement the aesthetic of your humidor.
  • Accuracy and Reliability : Providing precise measurements with relative humidity (RH) and temperature in degrees Celsius.
  • Dimensions : Small and discreet with a diameter of 47mm and a thickness of 16mm, ideal for easy integration into any humidor.
  • Light weight : At only 20g, it does not add any excess weight to your humidor.

Benefits :

  1. Optimal preservation : Maintains ideal temperature and humidity conditions to preserve the quality and flavor of your cigars.
  2. Ease of use : Simple installation and instant reading of the internal conditions of the cellar.
  3. Aesthetics : Gold and silver finishes adding a touch of luxury to your cigar collection.
  4. Portability : Compact and lightweight, it can be easily moved and installed as needed.

Product variants:

  1. EliteGuard Gold Hygrometer : Gold finish for a touch of classic sophistication.
  2. EliteGuard Silver Hygrometer : Modern silver finish for a sleek, contemporary appearance.

This hygrometer is the essential tool for any cigar lover looking to keep their cigars in the best possible condition. Order now on our site and ensure that your cigars always remain in perfect condition.

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