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Discover the exclusivity of the Aurum Mechanical Hygrometer , a refined accessory designed for passionate cigar aficionados. Combine elegance and precision in your tasting moments with this luxurious hygrometer, designed to give you an unparalleled cigar experience.

Features :

Accurate Humidity Measurement: The Aurum is your trusted companion in ensuring your cigars are stored in the ideal humidity conditions. Its mechanical design ensures an accurate reading at all times.

Portable and Sleek Design: With its perfect dimensions of 50 x 10 mm, the Aurum slips easily into your cigar case or pocket. Its metal case, available in gold or silver finish, adds a touch of luxury to your collection.

Versatile Humidity Tester: The Aurum is more than just a hygrometer. It is a true moisture tester, a device sensor of pride for discerning connoisseurs. Keep your cigars in top condition and enjoy every puff.

A Quality Accessory: Each Aurum is manufactured with the greatest care, fusing the art of mechanical precision with exceptional aesthetics. Its looks and functionality make it a perfect choice for cigar aficionados who appreciate premium quality.

Immerse yourself in the world of cigar art with the Aurum Portable Mechanical Cigar Hygrometer . Bring a touch of prestige to your tasting moments and ensure that each cigar is ready to offer you an incomparable experience.

Add the Aurum to your collection of cigar accessories today and give your precious pieces some attention worthy of their value.

Materials: Metal
Size: 50 x 10mm

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