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The sponge humidor is an essential accessory for cigar lovers who want to keep their cigars in the best condition. This humidor is specially designed for travel or office cases that can hold up to 100 cigars.

The sponge humidifier plays a key role in controlling the humidity of your humidor, which helps preserve the aromas and textures of cigars optimally. Adequate humidity helps prevent cigars from drying out or over-wetting, which can adversely affect their quality.

The dimensions of this sponge humidor are 166×64×18mm, making it suitable for most travel or desktop cigar cases.

Made of ABS, a durable and moisture-resistant material, this humidifier is designed to deliver reliable performance and long life.

It is recommended to regularly monitor the humidity of your humidor using a hygrometer and adjust if necessary by adding water or refilling the sponge humidifier. This will allow you to maintain an optimal humidity for the conservation of your cigars and to preserve their quality.

Be sure to follow the instructions that come with the sponge humidor and take care of your humidor to fully enjoy the tasting experience of your favorite cigars.

  • Dimensions: 166 × 64 × 18mm
  • Material: ABS
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