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Discover the perfection of the CALINGA ROUND Transparent Crystal Humidifier , designed to meet all your cigar storage needs.

With its innovative acrylic crystals, this humidor offers a simple and effective solution to maintain the ideal humidity in your humidor, without the need for special solutions.

Features :

Acryl Crystal Technology: The CALINGA ROUND Humidifier uses state-of-the-art technology with transparent acrylic crystals, eliminating the need for complex solutions. Distilled water is all you need to ensure perfect humidification.

Simplified Installation: Enjoy easy installation thanks to its magnetic plate. Simply attach the magnet to the support of your choice, be it your humidor or any other suitable space.

Impeccable Humidity Stabilization: Don't let humidity be a worry anymore. The CALINGA ROUND Humidifier guarantees optimal humidity stabilization, thus preserving the flavor and quality of your precious cigars.

Quality Materials: Crafted from high quality plastic and metal, this humidor combines durability and performance to meet the demands of the most discerning cigar aficionados.

Immerse yourself in a simplified and sophisticated cigar storage experience with the CALINGA ROUND Transparent Crystal Humidifier . Never have any doubts about the humidity of your cigars again and savor every moment of tasting.

Optimize your humidor environment with this ingenious humidor. Its advanced technology and functional design make it an essential choice for all cigar enthusiasts.

  • Material: Plastic and metal
  • Clings thanks to a magnetic plate Magnet to fix on the support (cigar box or other)
  • Dimensions: 80 x 20 even
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