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Whether you need to replace a damaged globe or simply want to transform the ambiance of your space, our ECLAT BUBBLE globes are the perfect solution.

Renew the aesthetic of your lighting with our replacement globes specially designed for the pendant lights from our prestigious Branching Bubble collection, sold in our store.

Each of our replacement globes is an exceptional piece, the result of artisanal know-how dedicated to the creation of unique products.

Available in clear, gradient or smoked finishes, they easily match all atmospheres and interiors, in harmony with the Black or Gold metallic finishes of our Branching Bubble lighting range.

Our globes are versatile: they adapt equally well to a modest suspension of three globes or to a more imposing installation of up to 11 globes, allowing you to personalize the lighting according to the evolution of your space and your tastes.

For a smooth transition or a significant change in atmosphere, opt for our replacement globes - the assurance of a consistent design and impeccable quality.

Please note that this offer concerns exclusively the glass globe, the metal structure is not included.


  • Materials: Glass
  • Colors: according to selection

Dimension :

17 x 17 x 8 cm
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