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The customizable branding iron is the ideal accessory to add a personal touch to your Sunday barbecues.

With this branding iron, you can engrave your name, initials or any other message on meats, vegetables or breads to leave your culinary mark.

The branding iron comes with 55 letters, which allows you to compose different messages according to your desires. Simply choose the necessary letters and fix them on the iron to form the word or message of your choice. Once heated, the iron marks your food with precision and clarity.

With a size of 43 cm, the branding iron is long enough for an easy and comfortable grip. Its iron and wood construction gives it both strength and a rustic style, in keeping with the ambiance of an outdoor barbecue.

Whether it's to personalize your culinary creations or to offer an original gift to a barbecue enthusiast, this customizable branding iron is sure to be a sensation. Leave your distinctive mark during your barbecues by using this unique and fun accessory.

Note, however, that it is important to follow the safety and usage instructions supplied with the branding iron, particularly in terms of handling and heat precautions.

  • Ideal for leaving your mark on Sunday barbecues!
  • This customizable branding iron will have its effect for sure!
  • Supplied with 55 letters.
  • Size: 43cm
  • Materials: iron and wood
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