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The V-Cutter - Basic is an essential accessory for cigar lovers looking for an affordable yet functional solution. This black cigar cutter is designed to provide a precise and clean cut of the head of the cigar.

With dimensions of 10 x 4 x 1.5 cm, it is compact and easy to transport, allowing you to prepare your cigar in any circumstance, whether at home, while traveling or during your outings.

The hole diameter is 22mm, which is suitable for most common cigars. It will allow you to obtain a clean and regular V-cut, thus facilitating the lighting and the tasting of your cigar.

Whether you are an occasional smoker or a long-time enthusiast, the Cigar Cutter - Basic is a practical and affordable choice to fully enjoy your favorite cigar.

  • Black color
  • Size: 10 x 4 x 1.5cm
  • Hole diameter: 22mm

In its "Basic + Box" version, the cigar cutter is delivered in an elegant collector's box, which also makes it an ideal gift for cigar lovers.

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