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The Cigar Cutter - Heritage Edition Series is a tribute to the timeless elegance and heroic ruggedness of the cowboy era. Designed exclusively in two refined finishes – Vintage Gold and Original Gray – this instrument is the ally of any cigar aficionado wishing to add a touch of grandeur to their smoking experience.

The Cigar Cutter - Heritage Edition Series is not just an object of art – it is a masterpiece of precision. Its stainless steel blade is sharpened with the greatest finesse to guarantee a clean and impeccable cut, preserving the integrity of the cigar for optimal tasting.

Vintage Gold evokes an ancient wealth, reminiscent of saloons and fortunes discovered in the gold veins of the Wild West. Eternal Silver, on the other hand, reflects the moonlight on the vast desert plains, a color that accompanied many cowboys on their nightly vigils. Each color is a promise of the persistence of the pioneer spirit.

The design of the cigar cutter incorporates ornate patterns, expressing an aesthetic that unites tradition and modernity. This pocket jewel is both functional and decorative, affirming its status as a coveted object for connoisseurs and collectors.

Compact and designed to last, the Cigar Cutter - Heritage Edition Series is an essential accessory for those who recognize that smoking a cigar is not a simple pastime, but a ceremony imbued with character and passion.

  • Material: Metal
  • Lighter dimension: 9.4 x 4.4 x 1 cm
  • Max diameter of the cigar: 23 mm
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