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Let yourself be seduced by the exclusivity of the KELOW Cigar Box, a symphony of refinement and practicality for all cigar enthusiasts.

Available in two versions, Yellow or Black, this box is designed to meet the most demanding expectations of Cohiba product aficionados.

This KELOW Cigar box contains a TOWER 3-torch rechargeable torch lighter with a punch and an Edition cigar cutter.


✦ 3 Torch Torch Lighter: Find the essentials with this torch lighter equipped with 3 powerful torches, offering a reliable and precise flame and a cigar punch in its base.

✦ Precise cigar cutter: The included cigar cutter guarantees a perfect cut to fully enjoy your cigars.


Features :

Materials :

  • Lighter and cigar cutter: made of high metal alloy for increased durability


  • Lighter: 3.7 x 13.5 cm
  • Cigar cutter: 4.5 x 9.5 cm

Accessories are supplied unloaded, allowing you to fill them to your preference.

Treat yourself to the ultimate in elegance and functionality with the KELOW Cigar Box.

This set is the embodiment of luxury and precision to enhance each of your cigar tastings. An unparalleled experience awaits you.

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