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Discover the VERTIGO Cigar Humidor, a sophisticated setting that combines elegance and functionality for demanding cigar lovers. Designed with careful attention to detail, this humidor is a subtle blend of tradition and modernity.

Elegance of Cedar Wood : Each side of the VERTIGO Cigar Humidor is carefully dressed in Spanish cedar wood, known for its aroma preservation properties and natural humidification. Its texture and grain offer a touch of authenticity and naturalness.

Controlled Hygrometry : At the heart of this humidor, a digital hygrometer provides a precise reading of the humidity level, essential for maintaining your cigars in an optimal environment. Easily adjust humidity between 65% and 75% with the included humidifier.

Personalization and Practicality : The sliding cover incorporates a magnetic space that allows you to position the hygrometer and the humidifier as you wish, ensuring customization according to your needs.

Storage Flexibility : With a removable internal divider, the VERTIGO Cigar Humidor adapts to your collection. It can hold 12 to 25 cigars with a diameter of 60 and a maximum height of 150 mm, providing flexibility and convenience.

The little extra: the possibility of removing the internal separator (12 cigar slots - diameter 60 and height 150 mm maximum) in order to store a larger quantity of cigars.

Unique Design : Its rich brown or deep black finish, its pure lines and its transparent appearance give this humidor a contemporary style that will highlight your most prestigious cigars.

Optimal Dimensions : Measuring 22 x 18 x 9 cm, this cigar humidor is not bulky while providing generous space for your precious Havanas.

Take away a part of the luxury and cigar-making tradition with the VERTIGO Cigar Humidor and guarantee your cigars perfect aging and conservation.

Available in six distinct versions to meet your specific needs:

Each version, except the Solo, comes with consistent, quality accessories - a lighter and a cigar cutter - designed to enrich your experience. Whether you choose practicality or refined luxury, each collection in the VERTIGO range is designed to transform every cigar tasting into a moment of exclusive pleasure.

  • Solo Version : For purists who simply want a superior quality humidor, the Solo version is the ideal choice. This humidor focuses on the essential: the preservation and enhancement of your cigars, without additional accessories, thus ensuring optimal freshness and conservation.

  • Houdini version : Designed for the elegant and functional cigar smoker, the Houdini version includes, in addition to the Vertigo humidor, a sophisticated lighter and cigar cutter for perfect preparation for your tastings. This double torch lighter with integrated punch is the ideal companion for novices and connoisseurs wanting superior quality.

  • Vargas version : The Vargas range, with its lighter available in yellow or silver, adds a touch of personalization to your experience. This version combines the elegance of the Vertigo humidor with the functionality of a quality lighter and cigar cutter, ideal for those new to the art of cigar making.

  • Heritage Edition Version : This collection is a tribute to the cigar tradition. It includes the Vertigo humidor and a set of Heritage Gold Vintage lighter and matching cigar cutter, designed for enthusiasts who prioritize elegance and practicality in their smoking ritual.

  • Ignition Pro version : Dedicated to the cigar aficionado, the Ignition Pro collection offers a Vertigo humidor complete with a high-end lighter and cigar cutter for an exceptional tasting experience, testifying to the passion for quality cigars .

  • Carbon Nyfe Version : For lovers of luxury and sophistication, the Carbon Nyfe version offers the Vertigo humidor accompanied by Nyfe carbon fiber accessories, representing the pinnacle of modern elegance.

Each element of these exceptional collections is also available individually in our online store, allowing you to personalize your experience and enhance your passion for cigars at your convenience.

DIMENSIONS : (Length x width x Height)

  • Exterior: 22 x 18 x 9 cm
  • Interior: Specially designed to maximize space while protecting your cigars.


  • Spanish cedar wood, known for its natural preservative properties and aroma adding to the aging experience of the cigar.


  • 1 humidifier: to maintain constant and ideal humidity.
  • 1 electronic hygrometer: to monitor and adjust the humidity necessary for optimal storage of your cigars.
  • 1 internal separator
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