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The humidor from the Mondrian collection is a true tribute to the Art-Deco era of the 1920s, with its original colors and patterns. Entirely handmade, this humidor offers a unique and luxurious aesthetic that will captivate cigar lovers.

In addition to its exceptional design, this humidor is also practical and functional.

It comes with a humidifier and hygrometer, both attached with magnets for easy and secure installation. These accessories will allow you to maintain the optimum humidity inside the humidor, thus preserving the freshness and flavor of your cigars.

The capacity of this humidor is approximately 50 cigars, providing ample space to store a fine selection of your favorite cigars. In addition, it is equipped with a divider to help you organize and separate your cigars according to your preferences.

Made of Spanish cedar wood, this cigar humidor ensures optimal preservation thanks to the natural properties of cedar wood. Cedarwood is renowned for its ability to maintain stable humidity, while releasing light aromatic notes that can enhance the flavor of your cigars.

Technical details :

  • Material : Spanish cedar wood
  • Size : 34.8 x 24 x 9.7cm
  • Capacity : +50 cigars
  • Accessories : 1 hygrometer, 1 humidifier
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