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The Wood Magnet Cigar Humidor combines contemporary aesthetics and functionality for demanding cigar lovers. Available in classic shades of brown and black, this humidor is designed to carefully accommodate up to 20 of your favorite cigars, enveloping them in a Spanish cedar wood case and preserving their quality and subtle aromas.

The humidor cover is strategically designed with an internal metal layer, allowing the location of the hygrometer and magnetic humidifier to be customized to your preferences, ensuring unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in humidity management.

The sleek design of the Wood Magnet Humidor , showcasing the rich, warm texture of cedar wood, makes this cigar box an object of desire for any connoisseur. It is not only used to store Cohiba cigars but becomes an eye-catching decorative element.

Whether you're at home or on the go, the Wood Magnet Cigar Humidor is the ideal choice for those looking for a solution for storing their cigars that is both sophisticated and practical.

Available in five distinct versions to meet your specific needs:

  1. Solo Version : If your priority is a quality humidor, the Solo version is your best choice. This version offers a dedicated space for your cigars, protecting them from external elements while maintaining their natural freshness.

  2. Houdini version : The Houdini range offers you a complete experience for cigar lovers. In addition to the Wood Magnet humidor, this version includes a set with a Houdini lighter and a cigar cutter. This set will allow you to enjoy your cigars with elegance and practicality. This lighter is ideal for beginners looking for premium quality.

  3. Heritage Edition Version : The Heritage collection offers a complete experience for cigar enthusiasts. In addition to the Wood Magnet humidor, this version includes a set including a Heritage Gold Vintage lighter and matching cigar cutter. With this set, you will be able to enjoy your cigars with style and ease.

  4. Ignition Pro version : The Ignition collection is dedicated to demanding cigar lovers. This version includes a Wood Magnet humidor, accompanied by a lighter from the Ignition collection and a matching cigar cutter, offering a complete package for an unrivaled smoking experience.

  5. Carbon Nyfe Version : For a sophisticated smoking experience, the Carbon Nyfe version is a perfect choice. In addition to the Wood Magnet humidor, this version includes a carbon fiber lighter and cigar cutter from the Nyfe collection, providing a complete and luxurious solution for Cohiba cigar lovers.

Please note that only the boxes (excluding the Solo version) also include the lighter and cigar cutter accessories.

Each element of these exceptional collections is also available individually in our online store, allowing you to personalize your experience and enhance your passion for cigars at your convenience.

DIMENSIONS : (Length x Width x Height)

  • Exterior: 24 x 21.5 x 6.6 cm
  • Interior: Specially designed to maximize space while protecting your cigars.


  • Spanish cedar wood interior, known for its natural preservative properties and aroma adding to the aging experience of the cigar.
  • Rugged exterior available in brown or black finishes, adaptable to any decor.


  • 1 magnetic humidifier: to maintain constant and ideal humidity.
  • 1 magnetic needle hygrometer: to monitor and adjust the humidity necessary for optimal storage of your cigars.
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