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Transport yourself to the Oval Office with the WHITE HOUSE 100 Luxury Cigar Humidor , bearing the White House emblem. Designed to hold up to 100 cigars, this humidor is an exceptional piece combining presidential elegance and optimal functionality.

With its presidential look, its undeniable class and its exceptional quality, this cigar humidor is a real piece of decorative furniture that will look great in a living room, an office, or a smoking room.

Delivered with a humidifier and a hygrometer, your cigars will be perfectly preserved, but also perfectly protected thanks to its key lock.

Able to hold up to 100 cigars, this cigar box also allows them to be separated according to their terroir with its ventilated tray.

Main Features :

  • Generous capacity of 100 cigars : Offering ample storage space, this humidor allows you to store a wide variety of cigars.
  • Presidential Design and Undeniable Class : Crafted from cedar wood, the humidor features the iconic White House crest, adding a touch of prestige to your collection.
  • Accessories included : Equipped with a humidifier and a hygrometer to maintain ideal humidity and guarantee the perfect preservation of your cigars.
  • Optimal protection : Equipped with a steel key lock to secure your cigars while keeping them in perfect condition.
  • Ventilated tray : Allows you to separate your cigars according to their terroir, ensuring practical organization and optimal ventilation.


  • Dimensions : 44.0 x 29.0 x 20.5 cm
  • Weight : 6.25 kg
  • Materials : Interior in Spanish cedar wood, closing system with small steel key lock

Why choose the WHITE HOUSE 100 Luxury Cigar Humidor?

The WHITE HOUSE 100 Luxury Cigar Humidor is not only an effective way to store your cigars, but also a symbol of taste and refinement. Its luxurious design makes it a centerpiece that will attract all eyes. Thanks to its high-quality accessories, your cigars will remain in perfect condition, retaining their flavor and freshness.

Perfect for Gifts : Ideal for a birthday, Father's Day or any other special occasion, this humidor is the perfect gift for any cigar lover.

Order now to give your cigars perfect preservation and add a touch of prestige to your collection.

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