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The J.Hoover cigar humidor is an elegant and functional box designed for cigar lovers who wish to preserve their collection in optimal conditions.

Crafted from Spanish cedar wood, this humidor provides an ideal environment to preserve the flavor and quality of your cigars.

With a maximum capacity of approximately 80 cigars, this spacious humidor is equipped with three cedar wood drawers.

One of the drawers has a built-in hygrometer on its face, allowing you to easily monitor the humidity level inside the cellar. This will allow you to adjust the conditions to ensure that your cigars remain fresh and well preserved.

The sleek design of the J.Hoover humidor stands out with its black lacquered wood exterior and glass door, adding a touch of sophistication to your relaxation area or interior. This humidor combines functionality and aesthetics, allowing you to showcase your collection while preserving it.

Supplied with three dividers and a humidifier, this humidor is ready to use. The dividers allow you to organize your cigars by categories or brands, while the humidor ensures an optimal level of humidity to preserve their quality.


  • Hygrometer
  • humidifier

Dimensions :

  • Size: 24 x 24 x 24cm

With dimensions of 24 x 24 x 24 cm, this humidor has a compact size that makes it easy to integrate into your relaxation area.

Treat yourself to the J.Hoover cigar humidor and enjoy a quality box to store and present your cigars. Its elegant design, combined with the functionality of the hygrometer and humidifier, makes it an ideal choice for any cigar aficionado who cares about preserving the quality of their collection.

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