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Embark on a journey of style and conservation with the Travel Cigar Humidor - SIGNATURE STYLE. This portable case reflects a successful marriage between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, designed for cigar lovers who value excellence even on the go.

The heart of this mobile humidor is its interior lined with carefully selected Spanish cedar wood, known for its ability to regulate humidity and enrich the flavor of cigars. This sanctuary for your vitolas keeps them in an optimal environment, preserving the delicacy of their taste and the subtlety of their aroma.

The exterior is just as impressive, wrapped in premium black silicone leather, punctuated with eye-catching gold finishes and vibrant yellow stitching. The contrast of textures and colors suggests a character as rich and nuanced as the cigars it is intended to transport.

Functionality and elegance come together with the precise electronic hygrometer that equips this cabinet, allowing you to constantly monitor the humidity in your cabinet. This way, your cigars remain protected and ready to be enjoyed whenever the desire arises.

Designed to hold up to five cigars (with a 55 ring), the box also features built-in spaces for a lighter and cigar cutter, ensuring that you are perfectly equipped to enjoy your cigar ritual, whether you are in business trip or weekend getaway.

  • Pack Options : Choose from our three packs carefully designed to meet your needs.

    1. Opt for the Solo Pack with the cigar case,

    2. Take it up a notch with the Vargas Pack : The Vargas collection is designed for cigar connoisseurs. In addition to the SIGNATURE humidor, this version offers a complete set including a Vargas lighter (Silver or Yellow) and a matching cigar cutter.

Please note that only the VARGAS box also includes the lighter and cigar cutter accessories.

Compact, this humidor fits easily into your luggage, bringing a touch of personal refinement wherever you go. The Travel Cigar Humidor - SIGNATURE STYLE is the essential accessory for any cigar lover looking for uncompromising elegance and impeccable preservation of their cigars.


  • Dimensions : 22.6 x 14.2 x 7.7 cm
  • Capacity : up to 5 22 mm cigars
  • Material : Silicon leather and Spanish cedar wood

The "Travel humidor - SIGNATURE STYLE" is a prestigious present, presented in a Collection box which embodies excellence and refinement.

This premium gift choice will be perfect for celebrating Father's Day, a birthday or any other memorable occasion.

Intended for connoisseurs of emblematic brands such as Montecristo, Cohiba or Romeo y Julieta, it will appeal to those who pride themselves on elegance and finesse in their passion for cigars.

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