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The CUBA SECRET BOOK stash humidor is a discreet and subtle choice for cigar lovers who appreciate elegance and discretion. Inspired by the famous Kavatza hiding books, this cigar box blends seamlessly into your bookcase or shelf, cleverly concealing its true contents.

Although its outward appearance resembles an ordinary book, the CUBA SECRET BOOK is designed to accommodate up to 5 cigars securely and optimally. It is equipped with all the essential features usually found in a cigar humidor.

The set includes a hygrometer to monitor humidity, a cigar cutter to prepare your Cohiba cigars, a humidifier to maintain an ideal humidity level, a dosing pipette to add water as needed, and a template to store up to 5 cigars.

The materials used, namely leather and cedar wood, add a touch of quality and sophistication to this hideaway humidor.

It is supplied with a hygrometer, a cigar cutter, a humidifier, a dosing pipette and a template for 5 cigars.

  • Its dimensions: 26.2 x 17 x 4.2 cm
  • Materials: Leather and cedar wood

The CUBA SECRET BOOK comes in a Collection box, which also makes it an excellent gift choice for cigar lovers. Treat yourself to this discreet and elegant cigar humidor to preserve your Cohiba cigars with style and discretion, and enjoy your tasting moments in complete tranquility.

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