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Discover elegance and sophistication with the Limited Edition Luxury Cigar Humidor - Cuban TRINIDAD . Designed for discerning cigar lovers, this humidor offers a luxurious and practical storage solution.

Main Features :

  • Large Capacity : Storage capacity for approximately 400 cigars, ideal for cigar collectors and enthusiasts.
  • High Quality Materials : Made from natural cedar wood, known for its unique properties that preserve the quality of cigars. Cedar wood prevents pests and enriches the aroma of cigars.
  • Wooden Shelves : Features perfectly arranged wooden shelves for optimal organization and elegant presentation of your cigar collection.
  • Security Lock : Equipped with a security lock to protect your precious cigars.
  • Built-in Humidifier : A high-quality humidifier to maintain the ideal humidity, ensuring your cigars stay fresh and aromatic.
  • Accurate Hygrometer : The built-in hygrometer makes it easy to monitor the humidity inside the humidifier.
  • Dazzling Design : Black sandalwood finish with gold accents and wenge wood texture that add an artistic and luxurious touch.


  • Product Size : 64 x 55 x 34 cm ( 25.19 x 21.65 x 13.38 inches)
  • Net weight : 30.5 kg

Benefits of Cedar Wood:

  • Preservation of Quality : Cedar wood exudes a natural aroma which improves the flavor of cigars and protects them against parasites.
  • Humidity Regulation : Absorbs and releases moisture, helping to maintain a stable humidity level inside the humidifier.
  • Durability and Elegance : Not only functional, cedar wood also adds a touch of elegance to your humidifier.

The Limited Edition Luxury Cigar Humidor - Cuban TRINIDAD is the embodiment of luxury and excellence in cigar storage. Perfect for those looking to combine function and design, this humidor is a must-have choice for cigar enthusiasts.

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