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Discover the customizable world map, a real treasure for passionate travelers. This unique map is covered in a gold foil that covers the continents, providing an interactive and memorable experience.

When you visit a city or a country, you only need to gently scratch the corresponding surface to reveal many details. Each scratched region reveals specific information, allowing you to trace your course with precision.

This customizable world map thus becomes a reflection of your adventures, a visual record of all the places you have explored. Each gold stripe represents a treasured memory and lived experience.

With dimensions of L. 82.5 cm - l. 23.5 inches, this map is large enough to hang on the wall and admire. It thus becomes a unique decorative element that inspires both escape and nostalgia for past travels.

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or dream of discovering new horizons, this customizable world map is the perfect companion for documenting your adventures. It reminds you of the places you've already visited and inspires you to plan new getaways.

Treat yourself to this beautiful, customizable world map and let your spirit of exploration come alive through the golden stripes of your past and future travels.

Dimensions: L. 82.5 x l. 59.4cm

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