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Designed for cigar purists who demand excellence and efficiency, the Torch Lighter - Heritage Edition Series is distinguished by its high-performance blue torch flame. The epitome of controlled power, this intense blue flame is not only wind resistant but also ensures consistent and rapid ignition, for a flawless smoking experience.

Available in three elegant shades - Eternal Silver, Vintage Gold, and Original Gray - this lighter is a true style statement. Each finish evokes the spirit of the Wild West, combining a bold aesthetic with exceptional manufacturing. Its robust metal body is pleasant to the touch and offers optimal grip which demonstrates an ergonomic design designed for the user.

The innovation doesn't stop there; The Heritage Series Edition Lighter incorporates a discreet cigar punch into its base, making it a convenient 2-in-1 tool for cigar lovers. This feature allows your cigar to be precisely pierced before lighting, providing absolute convenience.

In addition to its main lighting function, the ingenious design of this lighter includes sufficient depth to serve as a cigar holder, allowing you to place your cigar safely and elegantly during your breaks.

Each Torch Lighter - Heritage Edition Series is a tribute to adventure and independence, offering a touch of cowboy soul to your cigar ritual. It is the ultimate accessory for those who carry within them a free spirit and a passion for traditions.

This lighter is the perfect gift for birthdays, Father's Day and other successful festive occasions.

  • Material: Metal
  • Lighter size: 7.6 x 4 x 1.8 cm
  • Supplied uncharged.
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