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Discover the Maestro Edition cigar lighter, a technological gem for connoisseurs.

This premium lighter offers a luxury experience with its two ignition modes: a torch flame for perfect precision and an innovative electric arc for a modern touch. The charge level is clearly indicated on the built-in LCD screen, and the lighter is rechargeable via USB, cable included, for endless use.

Each Maestro Edition is delivered in an elegant box, accompanied by a surprising feature: an “anti-counterfeiting” UV LED, practical for authenticating the value of a note or the quality of a cigar. Three unique designs are available, each telling its own story:

  • Libertad : Vibrant and bold, the Libertad design is inspired by the Cuban flag, reflecting the revolutionary spirit and passion for freedom that drives the island's cigar culture.
  • Cuba : A special edition that pays homage to the iconic face of Fidel Castro, capturing the essence of Cuba and its historical legacy.
  • Heritage : With its vintage chic look, Heritage is a nostalgic nod to the centuries-old traditions of cigar lovers, a piece that speaks of history and class.

Each lighter is a statement of elegance, an essential accessory for those who appreciate finesse and quality. Opt for the Maestro Edition and light your cigars in style.

Dimensions : 14.6 x 4 x 2.2 cm

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